Maradona, as a coach in World Cup 2010. Many people never believed they would actually see that happen, but Argentina’s new coach is here to show everyone that he still has the hand of God, and is able to straighten his team during the World Cup, despite the negative forecasts and the instability of some of his players.

Maradona is certainly the greatest legend of Argentina, who has got into a mess in 2008 when he decided to accept the challenge of dealing with the frustration and excitement of the country fans. Argentina has been longing for a title in the World Cup ever since Maradona led them to victory in Mexico 1986.

Maradona as a coach managed to beat Germany in March at a friendly match in Munich, but that was not enough to disguise the fact that Argentina entering the World Cup 2010 rather aimlessly. The team can definitely count on its status that derives from the two titles in previous World Cups and its series of good soccer players. But the team has not been playing well lately and Maradona as a coach in the World Cup 2010 has even more to prove.

Argentina managed to qualify for the World Cup at the last minute, which added to the fear and the anxiety accompanying the team and its fate. The team has been moody and erratic since then and never reached its peak performance so far. Maradona is trying to bring the identity of the team to surface all this time. But we should not forget that Maradona himself has been quite similar throughout his career and his life.

At the age of 49, Maradona probably faces his greatest challenge as a coach in World Cup 2010. There has never been so much at stake in the Cups that he played as a player, and it is known that this type of tournaments has a fifty-fifty chance of destroying the legend of the coach or increasing his glory even further.

Maradona has said that he hopes that his men will decide to play like their predecessors, with the philosophy of the team led by other coaches in earlier years. But so far, there has been no sign of either; the attitude and the desire is still there but the team has not managed to click so far. What is most important is that Argentina has some great players indeed; Lionel Messi is already considered the star of the World Cup 2010, because of his amazing games the last few years with Barcelona.

Wearing the blue and white shirt himself Maradona managed to perform many miracles, but now as a coach in World Cup 2010 he has to find the remedy for a team that doesn’t lack talent, but also doesn’t have what it takes to go as high as the Title. Or it seems like that so far.

Maradona as a coach in the World cup 2010 has a lot to prove, and it seems that he is ready to do so. Among the pending tasks, he will have to devise a way of supporting his key players such as Lionel Messi with a structure that will make the most out of them. He will also need to find a few alternatives to the veteran players such as Veron, and refine his choices from a rich roster that will manage to perform as well as it gets.