The soccer world cup in South Africa is turning out to be an interesting extravaganza as the fairly good times are playing well this time and causing some major upsets. We just have to see who will reach the round of 16 when the world cup will become even more interesting. For the first time, an African nation is holding the event. South Africa has done a fantastic job with the stadiums where it has revamped the existing stadiums and also built new stadiums.

There have been complete turnarounds in the hospitality and the transport industry to ensure that the world cup goes as smoothly as possible. South Africa has also hosted other major international events such as 1997 Rugby Tournament and the 2003 Cricket World Cup and with the Soccer World Cup, the African nation has added one more feather to its cap. Also there are several African nations qualified for the FIFA Finals such as Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory coast, Nigeria and off course, South Africa itself and these teams have the potential to win the cup. Remember that it is the World Cup finals and no team can take another team lightly.

The nature of the Soccer World Cup is such that any team can win on its day and ruin the other team’s chances. We have seen it many times in the past where sometimes the favorites have not even made it to the last sixteen, leave alone win the cup. The opening function was excellent with Shakira singing the official world cup song called Waka Waka. Though most of the matches will be played in the popular stadiums of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, the host nation wanted the other regions in the country to benefit as well. Hence South Africa built ten new stadiums at other places so that everyone would benefit.

The three most prolific stadiums in this world cup are the Soccer City and Ellis Park in Johannesburg and Loftus Stadium in Pretoria. These three stadiums will host the three rounds of sixteen as well as two quarter finals and the all important final will be played at Soccer City. All hotels where the matches are played have been jam packed as people from all over the world come to South Africa to see this terrific extravaganza live before their eyes. The competition amongst the teams is getting fierce with Euro champions, Spain being the favorites to lift the trophy. The other favorites include six times world champions, Brazil and Argentina. The South American giant, Argentina seem quite strong contenders as the football legend, Diego Maradona has taken over the coach job. For Brazil, they have one of their most prolific players, Dunga as coach.

Hence till July 11th, 2010 everyone is going to have a gala time in South Africa as people support their favorite teams. The sport is flowed in TV in almost all countries of the world and no doubt that it is the world’s most popular sport.