Lenovo announces the Yoga 910 and the Miix 510 at IFA 2016

September 7, 2016

It's because Lenovo turned the keyboard side into a large, touch-sensitive surface, adding sketchpad superpowers that make it a tool for creativity as much as productivity.

The Yoga 910 is a convertible, meaning that you'll be able to bend the screen to any angle that fits your needs.

Dubbed the "Yoga Book", the laptop-cum-tablet claims to be the slimmest and lightest 2-in-1 on the market - and runs either Windows 10 or Android, depending on the user's preference. They want it to appear thin and light, just like the book. As it's a Yoga, the screen flips all the way back on a classy-looking metal watchband-style hinge. "The 10.1" Yoga Book doesn't have a physical keyboard - where the keyboard normally would be is a flat slate, with function changing with context. That's a lot of pixels for a small display, but remember, the Yoga Book has a greater mission than spreadsheets and documents.

The announcement comes days after rival Acer unveiled its new convertible Chromebook R 13, a laptop which can also be used as a tablet, as well as a new line of Windows 10 Swift notebooks and Spin convertible laptops with Intel's seventh generation Core processors. As a result, you can have two copies of your handwritten notes. It also promises up to 7.5 hours of battery life.

This lower section is a hybrid design, combining Lenovo's "Halo Keyboard" virtual keyboard with a surface called "Create Pad"; allowing the lower half to be used for pen writing (with handwriting recognition) and drawing.

The Halo keyboard pulls double duty as a sketchpad, thanks to its neat wide-open hinge.

We'll need to actually try the thing out to see if it works, but it's the first tablet we've seen in awhile that does more than try to innovate on hardware beyond clever kickstands or physical keyboard attachments. By utilizing haptic feedback the Yoga lets your fingers know when you've hit a key, all without physically having to press a button. Lenovo leverages artificial intelligence software that the company says gets smarter the more you type, to help predict what comes next. I got to type on it for a few minutes.

According to Lenovo, you can use the the included Book Pad clipboard to magnetise your papers and keep them in place, editing merging and sharing as you like.

A simple, touch toggle switch turns the Halo Keyboard into a touch surface with 2,048 points of pressure.

When not typing, users of the Yoga Book can utilize the second panel to jot down ideas or sketches via the brand's Real-Pen.

Lenovo, a smartphone, laptop and tablet manufacturer has bought a new innovative product into the tech world which enables the user to write with a stylus pen on a paper and converts to digital typing on the screen.

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