WWE Raw results 15 August: Who won the Roman Reigns-Rusev fight?

Lucia Summers
August 17, 2016

Roman Reigns defeated Rusev in a non-title match in this week's main event of Raw. This time, a fan came out of the stands to get into the ring and get in Seth Rollins' face before security came in to try and control the situation. Because of that, Rusev cancels Raw, or at least until Roman Reigns apologizes. On the one hand, it was another week where the three-hour format did fans no favors - it felt like angles and matches were drawn out (often to their detriment) while points were belabored.

Brock Lesnar's match with Randy Orton could potentially close out WWE SummerSlam 2016. What was emphasized heading down the home stretch to the event that will influence the brand split for months to come? Sunday... And on RAW when Owens takes on Big Cass in a singles match.

Second, the actual idea that they're "giving it away" is nonsense.

Nia Jax squashed a jobber. He ended up costing the Celtic Warrior the match and after the commercial, Foley set up a Best of Seven series, which will start at SummerSlam. With the match won, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared on the Titantron to tease a groin injury in the futures of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, just like they did to Big E. Rollins runs into Neville, demanding to know where Balor is, but the high-flyer warned Rollins that he just isn't ready to face that version of Balor. This isn't a "Greatest Matches" rundown as much as it is a compilation of some of the most breathtaking beats from WWE's "Hottest Event of the Summer". Yes, Hogan literally squared off against the bad guy from the movie, who came knocking because he felt he should be acknowledged as the main star of the flick. Unless I'm overlooking how high WWE is on the guy, and no matter who comes out the Universal Champion on Sunday (see below), they might well be seeing red.

The final moments of the match saw Darren Young accidently knock down Titus O'Neil off the ring, which the latter did not take lightly. There has already been speculation as to whether he will again interfere with Cena's match. Many people resonated with some of the kayfabe analysis "I presented for the Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan segment last week, and I think there's a growing need for wrestling fans to step back, chill out, and look at the actual story they're telling (rather than "booking decisions" and so on). Was I ever shocked when I heard the music of John Cena blare through the speakers".

Rusev and Lana are in the ring to vent about how Roman Reigns ruined their wedding celebration last week. She was blindsided by Dana Brooke, and Charlotte and Dana beat down Sasha in a fairly brutal attack. The Shining Stars won.

One of the big surprises of the New Era has been the elevation of Rusev as one of the premier heels on the Raw side of things.

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